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  Dexster Audio Editor - What's new
Version Summary:
Version 3.5 (9th August 2010):
New: Distortion effects
New: Keyboard shortcut commands
Fixed: Audio CD Burning support in Windows 7 (32/64-bit)
Fixed: Several minor bugs
Improved: Zooming feature
Updated: Help manual
Version 3.4 (28th May 2010):
New: Support Virtual Studio Technology (VST) effects
New: Clicks/Pops Reduction
Improved: Audio CD Extraction functions
Improved: Pitch Shift effect
Improved: Windows 7 support
Improved: Minor design updates
Fixed: Minor bugs
Updated: Help manual
Version 3.3 (9th January 2010):
New: Windows 7 (32-bit/64-bit) supported
New: Audio CD Extraction tool now support M4A, AAC as output format
Improved:Added up and down options in audio merging
Improved: Redesigned Dexster to work with standard user access permisison
Improved: Minor design updates
Improved: Windows Vista support
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