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  Dexster Audio Editor - Awards and Reviews
TopTenReviews.com Gold Award  
Create supersonic, professional sounding audio projects with Dexster Audio Editor. Even beginners can record, extract, edit and burn easily with our #1 choice and "TopTenREVIEWS Gold Award" winner.

Dexster Audio Editor, from Softdiv Software, may not offer as many editing tools as GoldWave, but it makes up for it in ease of use. Anyone can use this product to pull audio from video files, convert formats, record from the internet, add effects, filter or burn CDs.

The manufacturer is constantly improving the product and adding new tutorials and offers free upgrades for a year. This software can work with a wide variety of compressed or uncompressed WAV files as well as AIFF (Apple), AU, AVI, MP3, OGG and WMA (Windows).

Softpedia.com Excellent Editor's Review  

I hope that even the fans of SoundForge, WaveLab or Cakewalk will admit that Cool Edit Pro, (Adobe Audition, as it's called today) was one of the best - if not THE best - editing, mixing and mastering host-software ever. While not being a totally one-in-all program (the pro-grade all-in-one, not the freeware-grade) the Cool Edit Pro (CEP) inspired audio producers and musicians alike through the years of its existence. I was surprised this year when I was in a studio to master my new LP to see that the guys still worked in CEP, yet I rejoiced as I knew the software, and this meant a new set of opportunities for the final product.

Well, given the notoriety of the CEP it's no wonder that "similar", almost copycats softwares emerged; some just tried to copy what CEP stood for and failed, while others just followed the road it had opened in audio production and became decent and even very good pieces of code sold for decent money and at the same time offering processing power close to the professional applications and very reliable ease-of-use, looks and generic operation. It's the case of Dexster, a pretty good audio editor which somehow replicates the feeling of the CEP, even if it still cannot compare to "the king".

Netguide Magazine Review Dexster is a powerful audio file-editing program that you can use to edit WAV and MP3 files. You can also use it to record audio and convert MP3s or WAV files....
Computer Shopper Dexster is the perfect audio editing tool for music production and supports many popular audio formats, including WAV and MP3....
PC Pro Magazine If you've ever fancied yourself as a sound editor, but have hidden behind the excuse that the software costs too much, then hide no more. Dexster is a fully featured editor for all things audio....
Freedownloadcenter.com Dexster is a highly advanced audio editing tool allowing you to open any audio file and add different effects to it before saving it in your chosen format....
Computer Buyer Magazine An easy-to-use piece of software that lets you edit sound files and even mix together your own tunes....
Australian PC User Magazine Dexster is an audio editor that lets you create your own music, and it's easy enough for the while family to use....
Microsoft Windows XP Magazine Editing your own music on a PC can be hugely rewarding, but if you’ve used computer software to edit your sounds before, you’ll know that the sheer number of features and interfaces can be a little overwhelming at first....
PC Plus Magazine Take control of your MP3 and WAV files with this powerful utility which enables you to convert, mix, edit and generally have fun....
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