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  Top Ten Frequently Asked Questions: Dexster Tutorials:
  1. Where is my registered version? 1. How to use Audio Joiner
  2. The program still in trial mode after installing registered version? 2. How to Remove / Reduce Clicks and Pops
  3. What are the recommended system requirements for Dexster? 3. How to split audio file
  4. How do I use Dexster to record from LP, cassette or other input devices? 4. How to change song tempo
  5. WMA Audio is not supported? 5. How to Remove / Reduce Vocals
  6. I have purchased Dexster in the past, how do I upgrade to the latest version? 6. How to edit audio
  7. Unable to record audio in Windows 10? 7. Extract Audio from Video
  8. I have recorded, but no sound during the playback?
  9. What will happen after I send in order? 9. Encrypt and Protect Audio Files
  10. My credit card has declined, what can be the problem?
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View tutorials for Dexster Audio Editor Visit our discussion forum as someone may have asked the similiar question.
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