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Refund Policy

  If you are having problem using our software, please send your support request with details explaination how the error was generated. We will check the problem and respond to all support request within 24 hours. Dexster is offerred as free trial so that users can try before they purchase to determine whether the software is suit their needs. Our 30-day money back refund will be based on the following policies:
  We provide full refund based on the following cases:
  If you accidentally bought the software more than once
  If our software contains bugs and failed to perform normally and there is no solutions given within an acceptable period of time. Please inform us how the problem was generated together with sample files, screenshots, error messages and etc.
  We deserve rights to reject the following cases:
  When a user demands a refund immediately after buying the software
  When a user inform us that the software is not what he needs and saying that he has uninstalled it and is not going to use it without any particular reasons. Our software is offered as free trial so is the user responsibility to try out the software before purchase.
  When a user claim a feature that is not offered within our software. Users are advice to test the trial version and read the help file before making a purchase.
  When a user claim that our software does not compatible with technologies offered by other third-party software.








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